Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

While for a man showing his sexual potential matters terribly, many of them lose their ability to satisfy their partners. This failure in maintaining or even starting erection is known as erectile dysfunction which is quite common today. It makes every sense that a man would do anything for erectile dysfunction treatments since there could be nothing more troubling than being unable to have his erection back.

Although there are two principal causes of erectile dysfunction; i.e. emotional and physical factors, the first to mention – the emotional factors – causes most of the cases.

Emotionally, a man can be stressed out at his workplace, at home with the spouse, or by nervousness due to a number of factors. All of them are incorporated into emotional factor that disturbs the man’s mind. Therefore, the well-being of a man’s mind state can be reflected in his penile good state.

There are several erectile dysfunction treatments that doctors usually performed such as psychotherapy which focuses on the psychology aspects, medication that relies on drugs, vacuum cylinders and pumps which involve equipment, and surgery – or, the combination of two or more of them. Any methods that a doctor performed are determined by a patient’s condition and erectile dysfunction causes. Therefore, only through a series of treatments can the appropriate treatment and cure be applied.


This has been known as the most appropriate erectile dysfunction treatment since most of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by psychological aspects. When the main psychological cause or causes that underlies the erectile dysfunction has been identified, this therapy technique will significantly reduce the sexual anxiety and stress in intimacy or relationship. The partner’s involvement is terribly needed and as a matter of fact, her involvement in the therapy will determine the success of this approach. The other determining factor in erectile dysfunction treatment is openness of both the man and woman so that it will be easier for the therapist to best treat the man. Surprisingly enough, psychotherapy method can also be useful to treat anxiety that emerges from erectile dysfunction caused by physical factors. Clearly, this psychological therapy embraces the erectile dysfunction problems as a whole and we can conclude that the mind can cause illness and therefore it can cure illness at the same time as well.


Surely men who have erectile dysfunction problems are familiar with drugs as one of erectile dysfunction treatments. Many of the erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis are already approved by the authorized institution and they are generally categorized as PDE or phosphodiesterase inhibitors that improve the nitric oxide effects. Nitric oxide in the body helps relax the smooth muscles in the erectile bodies. PDE enhances the mechanism by making the blood flow better, and thus the erection will occur and be maintained.

No matter how easy it is to get the drugs on the market, you still need to have the recommended dosage from your doctor to avoid the side effects. You must keep the intake of any of these PDE inhibitors to only once daily and not more. In addition to the limited intake, these drugs can fatally affect other drugs that you may be consuming that are based on nitrate as those for heart diseases. Lastly, these PDE inhibitors are also not to be taken together with those of alpha-blocker as blood pressure drop may result.

Vacuum Cylinder Equipment

This is not a tool for enlarging the penis. The medical equipment works by inducing erection by way of partial vacuum whose effect helps pull the blood into the penile body. This way, the penile body swells up and expands. By fastening the elastic band round the penile base, the erection can be maintained when you remove the cylinder. This maintained erection makes it possible for the man to penetrate and have the intercourse. While this erectile dysfunction treatment may work well for a while, it does not actually cure the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction; and so there are times when the equipment application may seem to be in vain.

Surgical Treatment

Surgery as an erectile dysfunction treatment can be performed to unblock the arteries and implant an erectile agent called prosthesis. Full information by Urological Care here.

The first surgical treatment is much more likely to have a good result on young men who have artery blockage resulted from injury on the pelvis or groin area. However, if performed on elderly ones, the surgery may even induce other implication. The second surgical treatment where the implant process is performed makes it possible for a man who has erectile dysfunction to have an erection which is actually the artificial one. The downside of this erectile dysfunction treatment is that there are a number of failures reported.

You may feel that your condition does not affect your relationship with your partner at first since she still gets satisfied by your various techniques. However, in the end you will know and realize that she needs you in the real intercourse meaning. It is wise to seek erectile dysfunction treatments before things get worse and she turns to someone else.